Affordable housing plans left in tatters by Tories


Ingrid Tregoing and the Waterbeach Lib Dem team are concerned that future housing in Waterbeach will not provide sufficient affordable homes for local people.

Under a new scheme home owners need to earn £60-80k a year to buy an ‘affordable’ starter home in Cambridgeshire.

That’s according to plans revealed last week that social housing at the development in Northstowe, north of Cambridge, is to be
replaced by new ‘starter homes’.

The decision signals an extraordinary failure from the Conservatives on a manifesto pledge made to reduce social housing rents.

The new ‘starter’ homes will not be means tested and neither will they be in any way affordable.

The Liberal Democrats have calculated that a family would need to have an income of £60-80,000 a year to afford the mortgage.

It is no secret that Cambridgeshire is under huge pressure to keep up with rising demands for housing.

When Waterbeach barracks is inevitably developed the local Lib Dem team want to ensure this development provides 40%
affordable housing.

We don’t want a ‘repeat performance’ of Northstowe and we must be committed to providing housing for all sections of the

We want to also make sure that new housing fits in to village life and becomes part of the community and an asset to local businesses and people.

With over 1800 people on the social housing register in South Cambs alone, there is a huge need for good quality affordable homes.

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Serious about Mental Health

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