Forced to Become Acadamies


John Batchelor - Liberal Democrat Candidate for Linton on May 5th

Lib Dems in Cambridgeshire have expressed deep concern at Conservative plans to force all schools in England to become

We believe that local education authorities should continue to have a role in school provision and education in their areas.

Whilst continued focus on improvement of educational attainment is vital, Lib Dems consider there are significant issues relating to accountability of academies.

The concern is that the change will fundamentally weaken the role of councils, governors and parents.

The Liberal Democrats have taken the lead by consulting in a cross-party letter from local authorities.

The plans are contrary to the wishes of many parents and teachers, would be hugely expensive, and fail to address the real problems in the schools’ system.

Council leaders have highlighted the lack of evidence to show that academies perform any better than council-maintained schools. 

John Batchelor – who is chair of governors at Linton Village College – said, “What we are doing is making the best of it,
for example, we do have the freedom to define our own governance systems so will continue to elect and have parent governors”.

Lib Dem peer, Shirley Williams said, “To end the role of parent governors who are responsible to and devoted to their schools,
is to destroy a key relationship”.

This is another attempt by the Tories to centralise and privatise our public sector.

Support your local school by getting behind your Lib Dem candidates.


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