Four Reasons to vote for ... INGRID TREGOING

 Ingrid Tregoing Waterbeach

May 5th - INGRID TREGOING Liberal Democrat

You can rely on Ingrid to stand up for the local community

Listening to your local concerns

As a local mum of two Ingrid knows how important it is for the community to communicate with each other.

Working hard for the best planning deal

When large developments are proposed let’s make sure we get the best deal for residents.

As a landowner on the development site, the Tory candidate has a conflict of interest. He cannot represent the people because he won’t be in the meetings!

Protecting environment the and green spaces

Ingrid wants to preserve the ecology of our countryside generations access to allowing future green spaces.

A better station and better services

The Conservatives have cut budgets to vital services and, with so many new residents, we need a strong voice to improve infrastructure. Ingrid wants to see better parking at an improved Waterbeach station.

Serious about Mental Health

Serious about Mental Health

Jonathan Chatfield is campaigning to stand up for mental health, to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination. Please sign his petition for more investment in mental health.

What's your cycle journey?

What's your cycle journey?

Jonathan Chatfield is campaigning for better and safer cycle ways into cities and towns such as Cambridge, Newmarket and Ely, and between the villages that make up our area. Tell him about your bike journey.