Improving road safety between Landbeach and Cottenham

Waterbeach councillors Maurice Leeke and Peter Johnson have launched a petition asking the local parish councils to consider paying for the road between Landbeach and Cottenham to be gritted regularly in icy weather.

Following accidents in December which closed the road, Peter Johnson - the independent councillor for Waterbeach on South Cambs District Council - called a meeting with the highways department to ask for the road to be gritted. After hearing there is no money for any additional gritting, Peter said "the only positive suggestion was that the parish councils could contribute towards the cost."

"This is the school bus route to the village college", added Maurice Leeke, Lib Dem County Councillor for Waterbeach. "It seems bizarre that it is not already a priority for gritting. We are asking for the system to be reviewed, but without a change in policy local financial support is the only hope."

If you support the idea of local parish councils sharing the cost of gritting this road, please sign the petition below. 

Cllr Maurice Leeke with Cllr Peter Johnson at the junction of Cottenham Road and Green End, Landbeach

Please sign the petition below

We ask the parish council to consider contributing towards the cost of gritting the road between Landbeach and Cottenham during icy weather.

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    It is important that this busy and heavily used road is gritted, but especially to protect the safety of the children that travel via bus to and from the villages of Chittering, Waterbeach and Landbeach to school at Cottenham Village College.
  • signed 2015-01-24 08:51:31 +0000
    I am amazed that the route between Landbeach and Cottenham is not a priority route with the number of school buses using it. This has the potential for a catastrophic accident involving a coach and large numbers of children. I work in road safety, and have a child at Cottenham who uses the bus, so I am very keen for this route to be gritted as a matter of urgency.
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    I assume Cottenham are also being asked the same question. It’s also an issue for commuters coming from Cottenham to Science/innovation parks and Cambridge via Milton Road. And of course many of these commuters don’t live in Cottenham but come from further away on that route.
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    Sign the petition: Gritting Petition
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    I have a child travelling on the school bus and am appalled that this road is not gritted as it is used twice a day by at least two school buses. It is used as a rat run for the A14 and to reach the A10. Butt Lane is gritted so why not this road?
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