Histon & Impington - Yemi Macaulay

Liberal Democrat Yemi Macaulay

Yemi MACAULAY – May 5th 2016  - Your Liberal Democrat candidate for Histon & Impington

Local team ensures overdue works carried out

Work has finally got underway for repairs of two roads in Orchard Park thanks to local pressure from your Lib Dem team.

The first success for the team was to campaign for construction at the retail park, after years of stalling from the developer.

Orchard Park’s Community Council Chair and Lib Dem candidate, Yemi Macaulay, along with County Cllr David Jenkins were instrumental in finally providing the basis for a community as opposed to just bricks and mortar.

Recently Yemi has been working hard to apply pressure locally, ensuring overdue road works go ahead at Sweetpea and Aster Way. Yemi said:

“When speaking to residents it is clear this road improvement was long overdue and so I’m thrilled we’ve been successful in finally getting the work carried out”

Serious about Mental Health

Serious about Mental Health

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What's your cycle journey?

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