Libraries at Risk?


Concern at Willingham Library. Left to right: Sue Gymer your candidate at this year’s local elections, County Lib Dem Deputy Leader Maurice Leeke and local Lib Dem campaigner Tom Lee.

Fears for local library amidst budget cuts

Is Willingham likely to lose its library as a result of cuts voted for by Conservative councillors?! 

  • Conservative budget cuts
  • Tory councillors ignore calls to raise extra £4.8m for public services
  • Library & other services set to be closed as a result
  • Could be kept running for just 45p a week*

At the February meeting of Cambridgeshire County Council the Conservatives, with help from the Independents and UKIP, voted for cuts of over half a million pounds to the libraries budget

These cuts include £230,000 in a full year from reductions to opening hours at larger libraries and in the future closing smaller libraries altogether.

“Libraries play a vital role in supporting local comunities, and the loss of Willingham library will be a big blow to the village” said Sue Gymer.

Local Conservatives irresponsible with county budget

“For another 45p a week* we could keep our libraries, school buses plus have our roads gritted and repaired."

“For once it is not the government who is to blame,” said Cllr Maurice Leeke who is

Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats at Shire Hall.

“The county council has the discretion to raise more funding than it does – but local

Conservative councillors have chosen to cut services, including libraries, instead.

The Liberal Democrats proposed a budget that would have provided the council with an extra £4.8 million as a way of saving council services which are important to local people.

“We strongly argued the case for saving these services at a marathon 12-hour meeting – but the Conservatives, with a little help from other parties, voted to cut them.

It was very disappointing.”

*45p per week for a Band D household would have provided 4.8 million pounds for County to spend!



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Serious about Mental Health

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