Making South Cambridgeshire the greenest district in the the county

Wind TurbinesPreserving South Cambridgeshire’s rural character in the face of unprecedented demands for housing and infrastructure developments whilst ensuring that its carbon emissions are minimised.

Our pledges

protect the green belt from development

promote renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies on all houses

improve recycling rates

deliver a network of rural cycle ways linking many villages with each other and with rural centres

support community energy projects

support community transport

Serious about Mental Health

Serious about Mental Health

Jonathan Chatfield is campaigning to stand up for mental health, to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination. Please sign his petition for more investment in mental health.

What's your cycle journey?

What's your cycle journey?

Jonathan Chatfield is campaigning for better and safer cycle ways into cities and towns such as Cambridge, Newmarket and Ely, and between the villages that make up our area. Tell him about your bike journey.