Serious about Mental Health

One in four of us will suffer from mental health problems during the course of our lifetimes. However there is often stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health. 

Under-funded and neglected

For too long mental health care has been under-funded and neglected. Mental ill health accounts for nearly 25% of ill health in the UK, yet only £1 in every £9 of NHS spending goes to specialist mental health services. 

Lib Dems in government have fought to end this discrimination. We have invested £400 million to give people suffering from mental ill-health access to talking and psychological therapies early on in their care. 

New waiting time standards

We have begun introducing maximum waiting time standards, with plans to roll out comprehensive standards over the next five years. 

Priorities for change

Our Mental Health Action Plan sets our priorities for change, including giving people the same choices in mental health care as for physical health, and improving access to mental health care for children. 

We need to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination, and reform treatment of children and young people with eating disorders. 

Join the campaign

Jonathan Chatfield says: "Mental health has been neglected by consecutive governments, but we are changing that. I am proud to stand up for mental health - join me so we get the mental health care we need and deserver. Please sign the petition for more investment in mental health."

We the undersigned support Jonathan Chatfield's campaign for more investment in mental health services. 

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Serious about Mental Health

Serious about Mental Health

Jonathan Chatfield is campaigning to stand up for mental health, to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination. Please sign his petition for more investment in mental health.

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