EU Referendum - My Reasons for REMAIN


Jonathan Chatfield recently received the following email from a highly educated and respected member of the party setting out his reasons why he is voting Remain in the EU Referendum.

Such personal stories, not politicians claims, provide a solid foundation for all of us to vote Remain.

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Lib Dem WIN for Ingrid Tregoing


Liberal Democrat GAIN in Waterbeach

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LIb Dem WIN For John Batchelor in Linton


John Batchellor elected - result from Linton 

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Vote Liberal Democrat TODAY 5th May 2016

Ensuring South Cambridgeshire residents benefit from the Greater Cambridge City Deal

Making South Cambridgeshire a safe and healthy place to live

Protecting Health Care

Access to primary health care is our priority.

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Four Reasons to vote for ... INGRID TREGOING

 Ingrid Tregoing Waterbeach

May 5th - INGRID TREGOING Liberal Democrat

You can rely on Ingrid to stand up for the local community

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Making South Cambridgeshire the greenest district in the the county

Wind TurbinesPreserving South Cambridgeshire’s rural character in the face of unprecedented demands for housing and infrastructure developments whilst ensuring that its carbon emissions are minimised.

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Yemi Macaulay - Histon & Impington

Yemi Macauley

Yemi Macaulay is you Liberal Democrat candidate for the Histone and Impington ward in the South Cambridgeshire District Council Election on Thursday 5th May 2016.

Yemi is already busy in the community through his role as chair of Orchard Park Community Council.  And those of you who do know him will already be aware that he would make an excellent councillor for Histon & Impington.

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Supporting rural businesses


Rural businesses are central to ensuring that communities are truly sustainable. We want businesses to be a key part of a more sustainable and environmentally friendly district.

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