Your Priorities for the Next Parliament

Please use this survey to tell me which you think should be the most important priorities for the next parliament. 

A: Cutting tax and creating jobs

Income tax has been cut by £700 a year for 24 million working people. 1.9 million more apprenticeships have been created since 2010, with 1.4 million more people in work than five years ago. I will be pressing for a further £400 a year tax cut, and further help to boost jobs and apprenticeships. Do you support this?

B: More money for local schools and child care

Schools have received £5.5 billion in Pupil Premium for the most disadvantaged children. 3,700 preschool children now have free child care. But Cambridgeshire is one of the worst funded counties in England for education - I want our children to have a fair deal, and free child care for all two year olds. Do you agree? 

C: Investing in physical and mental health

As a parent and a patient at a local GP practice, I believe passionately in our NHS. GPs need a better funding deal so they can deliver the care we need. Mental health is finally getting the investment it deserves and I will be pressing for more. Is this a priority for you too?

D: Helping people into local homes

Lib Dems have helped address spiralling house prices by cutting stamp duty on most properties while increasing it significantly on the most expensive ones. But much more needs to be done. I’m pressing for local councils to deliver many more affordable homes to help hard-pressed local families. Do you agree more should be done?

E: Transport investment to keep Cambridgeshire moving

Investment in roads and rail is vital in rural areas like South East Cambridgeshire. I’m delighted by the Government’s commitment to the new Science Park station off Milton Road. I want cheaper bus passes to help four million 16-21 year olds get to work and college, and am campaigning for investment in cycle routes in our rural areas not just in the centre of Cambridge. Is this important to you?

F: Tackling the threats to our environment

Climate change and the risk of flooding are key issues for us here in Cambridgeshire. I will be campaigning for energy conservation, the protection of our villages, and flood prevention measures. Do you agree this is a priority?

What do you think?

Are these your priorities for action in the next parliament? Do you have other priorities you would like to tell me about? What are the issues that are most important to you? 

What is your first priority

Serious about Mental Health

Serious about Mental Health

Jonathan Chatfield is campaigning to stand up for mental health, to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination. Please sign his petition for more investment in mental health.

What's your cycle journey?

What's your cycle journey?

Jonathan Chatfield is campaigning for better and safer cycle ways into cities and towns such as Cambridge, Newmarket and Ely, and between the villages that make up our area. Tell him about your bike journey.