Better Public Transport and Roads

JC_bike_(2).jpgAs a keen cyclist and someone who has spent over 20 years working in the public transport sector Jonathan knows just how important having good public transport, cycling infrastructure and roads are to a community.

As a local campaigner he has a record of working to improve the bus services on the  Citi 7 and Citi 8 routes, fought to improve cycle infrastructure and to mend our roads.

But now he wants to do even more.

“It’s great that Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has announced a “City Deal” for Cambridge which will invest millions into our area including vital improved cycling infrastructure,” said Jonathan.

“The local Lib Dem team and I will work to ensure that this money is spent in a way that local residents want.

“However I think it’s terrible that at a time when the Lib Dems are working to improve local public transport the Conservative-run County Council are cutting funding to many local bus routes.

“For a lot of residents - especially older residents – living in villages across our area, buses and trains are the only way they can do their weekly shop or visit friends and family. I think it’s wrong to cut these vital services and along with the local Lib Dem team we are doing all we can to protect and reinstate affected routes,” add Jonathan.

What do you think?

Jonathan also wants to know what you think about local public transport and roads. Maybe you think your bus route needs improving? Or there is a pothole in your street that needs filling in? If so please fill in the survey form below to let Jonathan and the local Lib Dem team know how they can help you.

How would you like to see South East Cambridgeshire's roads or public transport improved?

Serious about Mental Health

Serious about Mental Health

Jonathan Chatfield is campaigning to stand up for mental health, to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination. Please sign his petition for more investment in mental health.

What's your cycle journey?

What's your cycle journey?

Jonathan Chatfield is campaigning for better and safer cycle ways into cities and towns such as Cambridge, Newmarket and Ely, and between the villages that make up our area. Tell him about your bike journey.