Waterbeach - Ingrid TREGOING

Ingrid at Waterbeach Station

Ingrid TREGOING – May 5th 2016  - Your Liberal Democrat candidate for Waterbeach

Ingrid Tregoing is deeply involved in the local community:

1. A governor of the primary school

2. A trustee of the preschool playgroup

3. Has recently set up the Mothers Union at Waterbeach Church


Concerning plans to move Waterbeach station, Ingrid says:

“The people of Waterbeach, Landbeach and Chittering deserve the best deal possible out of the ‘new town’ proposals.

Moving the station to the ‘new town’ would deprive the community of our station.

If the station is moved I want it on a sensible site, with better access and more parking.”

Ingrid will:

  • Engage in healthy planning discussions with local people
  • Help the parish council and the village develop their neighbourhood plan,
  • Safeguard the green belt in line with Lib Dem policy and promote bio diversity in new developments.
  • Work for the whole community so that both the existing villages and the new additions benefit from better infrastructure and improved facilities.



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