Yemi Macaulay - Histon & Impington

Yemi Macauley

Yemi Macaulay is you Liberal Democrat candidate for the Histone and Impington ward in the South Cambridgeshire District Council Election on Thursday 5th May 2016.

Yemi is already busy in the community through his role as chair of Orchard Park Community Council.  And those of you who do know him will already be aware that he would make an excellent councillor for Histon & Impington.

Yemi is a do-er, not just a talker; he is energetic and enthusiastic; and he is approachable.  He is just the sort of person to go to if you want to get something done.south_cambs_seats.JPG

Local people have expressed their concerns about our local schools and a desire for sensible planning controls.

Yemi Macaulay Supporting our local schools

Impington Village College is committed to being a community school and not forced to be a faceless academy franchise. We believe the community plays a vital role in running our schools.

Yemi is working hard to respond to concerns about irresponsible parking outside our schools and to get parents, neighbours and the school to work together to combat this.

Yemi Macaulay Engaged with the Challenges of Growth

Histon & Impington have their challenges. Because they are so close to Cambridge developers will be looking to build more houses and maybe challenging the green belt.

There will also be pressures on local services as other communities close by also accept more housing.

Overseeing many of these changes will be South Cambs District Council.  They will be the ones deciding on the facilities and infrastructure that come along with the development:  the contribution that will be made to enhancing what is available to the village as well as the new community:  the alleviation of the problems that the extra people, traffic and demand on services will bring.

We need a councillor like Yemi.  Engaged and aware of what is going on, with the vision and common sense to see the possibilities and problems, and the energy and dynamism to spot opportunities and to find solutions. 

sc_vote_share.JPG  Vote Yemi Macaulay -

Liberal Democrat on 5th May

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